What is "Guano Cray Cray"?

Guano Cray Cray bat with crazy orange eyes. Here is the simple explanation:

Guano is bat poo.

Cray Cray is slang for crazy.


Guano Cray Cray = Batshit Crazy

The Guano Cray Cray Batshit Crazy Design

Guano Cray Cray is batshit crazy design.

Guano Cray Cray is Batshit Crazy. This funny graphic T-Shirt design has a vector bat pooing guano with a the saying Guano Cray Cray in visual 3D text.

This type of visual humor is crazy, batshit crazy and people love it. The go nuts over it!

The design was created as all vector artwork in Adobe Illustrator and finalized in Photoshop.

The Detail is Guano Cray Cray

With all designs created by us, extra detail goes into the designs. Check out the snapshot of the bat's face to see that the quality is top notch!

Guano Cray Cray design detail.

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